jQuery is java script library. It is so important to make effects, very attractive things,cool things from jQuery. And we can do things very easily and powerfully by using jQuery. And also we can create a website close to real world. We are using plugins in here. we can do drag and drop by using jQuery Ui. we can do refreshing from scrolling the page down by using Rubberband pluging. We can include suggestion when searching in website by using TypeheadJS.

How to write code with jQuery

Step 1: Firstly we have to install vs code from this link.

Step 2: Create a html file

Step 3 : Include jQuery to the website.

Online method

Go to the web browser and search embed jQuery. In the first result we can see the code is

. After we copy that code we can paste it on head section in our html file.

Offline Method

Go to the web browser and search jQuery download. Then go to the first result and download the latest version of jQuery.

Then copy the code of jQuery and go to the vs code and paste it in new file is called as jquery.min.js. And then go to the html file and <script src=”JQuerry.min.js”></script>

After attach the jQuery offline file.

Step 4: Check whether the jQuery was entered corectly or not. We can use below code to check it.

Then we can load the html page to see it

How to detect clicks by using jQuery

Firstly we have to create html page with css. Our task is alert a massage when click in the particular shape.

Before include jQuery

After include jQuery when we click on the circle we can get an aert.

The code of click detection


How to change content(text) by using jQuery

Our task is after we click circle. Change the content below to the circle

After entering jQuery

The code for the Changing content

The code

Change style by using jQuery

Our task is after we click the circle. Circle will be changed to the another color and it size change it to another size.

Before include the jQuery to the html file

After including jQuery

The code is

html code


We can do things very easily by using jQuery rather than using javascript. In this blogpost firstly we looked to how to include jQuery to the html page, How to response to the click, How to change content, How to change style in a content. Thankyou very much for the reading my blogpost. Will see you in my next blogpost.